Mould removal during refurbishment work

It is not uncommon to discover toxic mould when undertaking refurbishment work.  A slow leak or a lack of weathertightness in a building may not become obvious until you commence with the stripping of linings.

What appears to be a few spots on the surface of wall, floor or ceiling linings may be evidence or a large infestation of toxic mould. There are a large number of health issues that can be associated with exposure to toxigenic mould, particularly for those already at risk.

Managing the mould is important to prevent workers and residents becoming exposed and to prevent spread to wider areas. Using highly trained workers and specialist equipemt, MBC has worked with numerous builders to conduct remediation of significant mould infestations. This is followed by air and surface testing to ensure that the buildings are safe for reoccupation.

  • Mark and the MBC team are our go-to guys for asbestos removal. They’re very quick to respond, always get the jobs done on time and they’re reliable both in their quoting and their onsite work. Health & Safety are at the forefront of their operation, as it is ours.

    Amanda Robinson, quantity surveyor
    Trademark Construction
  • My experience with MBC is very positive. They’re very reliable and excellent at all their compliances and health & safety processes. Which is very helpful for busy construction firms. They helped us with some asbestos removal from old schools and some specialist mould removal work.

    Kevin McGowan, project manager
    Brosnan Construction

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