Prior to the refurbishment of an MLE Classroom Block at Timaru Girls’ High, friable asbestos was discovered to be present in the sub-floor. The soil below, covering 430m2 was contaimanted, in addition to all other surfaces, such as piles, bearers, pipes and cables.

As the block was to be refurbished and the material was friable, all work needed to be conducted by hand. MBC provided a team of specialists to fully remediate the sub-floor area.

This work involved building a full asbestos enclosure within the building, carefully removing the flooring, then remediating by hand.

Post-work testing showed that the site had been fully remediated and was safe for the building contractor to commence with the refurbishment.

All works occurred during a Christmas/New Year school holiday period and were completed in time for the school to reopen for the new school year.

Services Involved

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